Flathead Engines

Harvard Fourth of July - 1999

1934 Ford four door sedan stock 1934 Ford flathead V8 engine

The town of Harvard invites antique cars for the Fourth of July parade and usually gets about thirty cars of various ages. This 1934 Fordor sedan seems to be in the early stages of a mild restoration. I'm not sure exactly what year this engine is from, but somewhere between 1932 and 1936. While the water outlet is at the front of the cylinder head, you can see that the water pump is actually attached to the cylinder head, not the block. The cylinder heads have 21 studs, not 24. And if you look closely and enlarge the original photo, you can see that this isn't a 1937 block (there are no plates where the water pumps would be on a 1937 block). The engine isn't "bone stock" though since it has lost the air cleaner and has a modern ignition coil with an adapter instead of the stock coil mounted on the distributor itself.