Flathead Engines

Early Ford V8 Swap Meet--Fitchburg, MA, April 16 2000

46 Coupe

1946 Ford coupe with flathead engine 59AB flathead with dual carburetors in a 1946 coupeView of 59AB engine in 1946 coupe from the left side

I don't usually like the style of the 42 to 48 cars, but this one is in great shape, and it has a really nice flathead. Stock heads but dual carburetor intake manifolds. You can tell they're Holley carbs rather than Stromberg because the fuel inlet is on top of the fuel bowl. Nice stainless steel on the water outlets too. Seems to be Mallory crab-cap style distributor, but don't know if it's electronic or dual-point. The Clay Smith "Mr. Horsepower" decal (not Woody Woodpecker) is a nice touch.

V8 60

Ford 60 horsepower flathead V8 engine

This is the smallest V8 Ford built: 60 horsepower compared with the 85 horsepower that had been available since 1934. The V8-60 was a step up from the 4 cylinder engines used in the Model A and Model B, but was also phased out by 1940. They were popular for midget racers and some speed equipment is available, but hard to find. The "For Sale" sign refers to a different engine.