Vintage Speed Equipment Ads

As you can see, speed equipment advertising hasn't changed much over the last 50 years or so. Back then, the ads were a mixture of real performance equipment and things like "Billy-Bob's Special Super Secret 200 Horsepower Engine Elixir". Sometimes products fade from fashion, like novelty horns, but others have been around since the beginning. Most ads of today are more polished and flashy, but many of the old ads would work just as well (with the prices raised a little, of course).

1949 - Mufflers, skirts, and. . . "Ki-Yi" horns?

1953 - Flash spark plugs

1953 - Mufflers

1948 - Custom dual exhaust

1948 - Don't you wish this ad was still valid? Dry lakes here I come!

1948 - Race parts

1948 - Intake manifolds