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Ford Flathead V-8 Page
These pages exist to help spread information about Ford's Flathead V8 in all its forms. It is a non-commercial, free site dedicated to preserving the history of the Ford flathead V-8.  Believed to be the largest single collection of Ford flathead V-8 information on the World Wide Web, the site provides information on both stock and hotrod flatheads. There is a detailed timeline of flathead development, and an entire section devoted to the hotrodding process. You’ll also find a collection of vintage advertisements, a readers’ rides section, links to other flathead WWW resources, a listing of flathead vendors, and a chat area to help you solve problems and get advice. 

NEW!  May 2002
Moved again to a new home at Thanks very much for hosting the site!

Note: These pages will not be a graphics and special effects showcase.
My goal is to get information out in a functional manner, mostly to speed downloading.
Besides, almost all my vintage reference material is in B&W anyway.
Please see the notice at the bottom of the history page!