o Fuel Injection on a Flathead?
Fuel Injection on a Flathead?

fi for flathead
We're all used to seeing fuel injected cars every day.
Back in 1948, fuel injection was not exactly a factory option!

This is the Hilborn-Travers fuel injection system. The prototype, created by Stuart Hilborn in 1946 was installed on a 21 stud flathead and transformed the car into the first hot rod to pass the 150mph mark. (According to the 1952 Ford Speed Manual) By 1952, the Fuel Injection Engineering Company was making a full line of F.I. systems. A flathead setup cost about $225.00, with all the parts and instructions including the fuel pump and pump drive.

This system had a few advantages.
1. No venturis to restrict airflow
2. Equal distribution of air and fuel to each intake runner
3. Increased charge density due to the short distance to the intake valves.
4. Increased fuel economy, up to 40% or 50%
5. HP gains of 10% to 34%

This was the state of the art in 1952! As the Speed Manual said, "These units are for racing engines used in racing. None are available for gasoline use in passenger cars!"
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